Aniek Genovese, Senior Specialty District Sales Manager

“I believe in bringing passion into work and life.” –Aniek Genovese

     Aniek Genovese, Senior Specialty District Sales Manager at Eli Lily and Company in Atlanta Georgia, loves helping others, new opportunities, and performing well. Accomplishment is Aniek’s favorite word. She strives to show her girls what a woman can achieve, whether it is at work with a new career move, or at home medaling in a race. She received a BS in Business Administration and Management from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

     The thrill of influencing others has always driven Aniek. Her passion for selling started at an early age. She remembers always finding something to sell at the end of her driveway. Having the ability to sell seashells in Florida shows how innate selling was for Aniek. One of her first jobs, being a cashier at Publix, combined her love for sales and providing an exceptional customer experience.

     In addition to her sales expertise, Aniek also has a lot of experience leading. One of the first times Aniek remembers leading was when she was a junior in high school. She loved physics, and her teacher provided her with the opportunity to be a TA. The two people Aniek pulls her leadership skills from the most are her parents. Her father was an executive, and her mom was a teacher. Both inspired her, and she still draws from the lessons they taught her.

     Women in the workplace often have to work hard to reach senior leadership positions. While Aniek has faced challenges during her career, she always finds a way to succeed through hard work and peer collaboration. Barriers have helped build her character and taught her how to adapt. As a married woman with children, Aniek has learned she often has to do things differently. She does not accept no for an answer and has found unique ways to display her talent and capability.

     Eli Lily has employees take a test upon hiring that helps to describe their personality characteristics. Aniek can be described as red/yellow which combines competitiveness and being proactive with a fun attitude. As a leader, Aniek encourages diversity of thought and flexibility. She also wants her team to feel like a family. She not only acknowledges hard work but celebrates it. Aniek also thinks strategically and finds ways to translate her ideas into success in the field.

     A project Aniek would like to focus on in the future is helping children learn inclusive leadership in the classroom. She recalled the quote, “If you are not intentionally including someone, you are unintentionally excluding them.” She wishes children at a young age learned more about conflict resolution, the importance of attitude/ behavior, and diversity. She encourages inclusivity to her daughters and stresses not only being polite but saying hello when they are out in the community.

     Aniek’s two favorite times of the day are waking her children up and picking them up from school. You may not know that Aniek was born in Belgium, she would love to go to Europe with her entire family. Running, cooking on the green egg, and cleaning are ways that Aniek relaxes. Aniek vacuums so much (every other day) that her daughter Addison said going to sleep to the sound of the vacuum is soothing.

Aniek encourages future leaders to:
Always… remember you are in control of your career.
Never… be someone you’re not.
Follow… your gut because your head can be too rational and your heart can be too emotional.


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