Lori Flowers, Marketing Director

“Every day do at least one thing out of your comfort zone.” –Lori Flowers

     Lori Flowers, an enthusiastic and tenacious leader works at Radio One in Atlanta, Georgia as the Marketing Director. Lori has a BA in English from Fisk University and a Master’s in Journalism from Arizona State University. Lori lights up every room she enters, even if that room is her office as she’s standing next to a cardboard cutout of Beyoncé. No, it’s not because of her love for makeup or stylish attire. Lori’s infectious and passionate personality cause people to take pause and desire to get to know her. It’s not surprising that one of her first leadership experiences entailed leading the cheer squad in college.

     Cathy Hughes who founded Radio One is one of the leaders that has inspired Lori due to her groundbreaking foray into entertainment. Lori also credits her mother as being one of her biggest PR agents.
Not only does Lori always strive to go the extra mile in her career while planning and marketing events, she has also set out to “save our daughters” professionally and personally. One of Lori’s main motivators involves helping young women flourish and she has found many ways to impact lives.  Lori created the Radio Chicks mentoring program to assist women in her industry. She also works with Pinky Promise encouraging women to cherish their worth.

     If you have the pleasure to be on a team with Lori, expect for her to be straight up, lay out her expectations, and help you add the extra pizazz you need to wow others! Lori urges everyone to work hard, so you know what you’re talking about and can take on any challenge.

     If Lori could give her younger self advice, she would recommend speaking out more at the beginning of her career. How to purchase a house is a class Lori wishes they taught in schools. Those that know Lori may not know that she was once a romance writer for a newspaper helping write ads. Lori enjoys watching The First 48, pralines and cream ice cream and would love to travel to the Fiji Islands. Her husband O.J is one of the reasons she smiles.

Lori encourages future leaders to:

Always… go with your gut.

Never… be afraid to take on risks.

Follow… your instincts.


Connect with Lori

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/loriiflowers

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