Michael Hobbs, Entrepreneur &DJ

“I can be foolishly persistent sometimes. But I always tell people if you get 999 no’s, that 1000th time is the yes.”
–Michael Hobbs

     Michael Hobbs an energetic entrepreneur and DJ known as Young Degree has been coined a show stopper. He has a music publishing company, Internet radio station with a focus on podcast, and provides consultations for companies.

Michael recalls first leading in middle school when he became a patrol leader for the Boy Scouts. At a young age, he realized he was able to relate to a lot of people which helped him lead. There are several people throughout his life that influenced Michael including teachers, coaches, scout leaders, and musicians. Michael currently looks up to men such as Denzel Washington, Cory Booker, and President Obama.

Michael received a publishing deal after his first year of college so he decided to put school on hold and pursue his dreams. He later went on to finish his Bachelor’s online because he values education. If he could turn back time, he wouldn’t have left school when he did. Michael wants to set an example for his son, and this is one of his biggest motivators. Michael would love to teach someday and desires to go back to school to receive his Master’s and Ph.D. in education.

Michael first realized music was more than a hobby when he was working at CNC music factory. He recalls walking into a studio and being in awe. At that moment he knew that he wanted music to be his career. Many people did not think that being a DJ could turn into a full time-career; Michael has shown it can be done.

The process of becoming a DJ and entrepreneur has not always been easy. There are still barriers that Michael has to face today including overcoming stereotyping. Some may look at him and think he can only play one style of music. However, Young Degree’s slogan is, “party differently”. This slogan exists because Michael loves playing music and putting on a show for a diverse range of audiences. He has been featured on the knot for his work at a wedding and received glowing reviews from various cruise ships.

When Michael decided to focus on himself and stop seeking validation from others he was able to pursue his dreams seriously. He started reinvesting money he saved back into himself and his career. This fueled his ambition and enabled his career to catapult to a new level. Michael continuously asked himself, “Who do I want to be?” He urges others to take themselves seriously because that is when doors will start to open.

If you have the opportunity work with Michael, expect him to lead by example. As a leader, he aims to be fair, humble, and accommodating. He will also stress the value of first impressions. Michael believes in his industry, “You only have one chance to get it right. Nowadays it’s rare to regain someone’s attention if you didn’t impress them.”

To wind down Michael likes to listen to relaxing music such as old school R&B, jazz, classical, etc. He also likes to go for a walk to free his thoughts. Michael’s drink of choice is Jack Daniels. Hilarious fact: This interview was conducted over Skype and while the interviewer assumed Michael was sipping water the entire time, it was actually his favorite drink. Tandem skydiving, visiting Dubai, and owning an exotic animal are items on Michael’s bucket list. His son, good people, and complements make Michael smile.

Michael encourages future leaders to:

Always… be aware of where you are and who you’re with. Always be aware of what you represent, you never know who is watching you. There are many opportunities you can take advantage of if you’re aware of your surroundings so always smile, say hi, and be courteous.
Never… agree to something just because it’s there or take the first opportunity.
Follow… the guidance and counsel of those you trust and believe in. Also follow your heart and best judgment.


Connect with Michael:
Website: http://www.youngdegree.com/
Twitter: @YoungDegree
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YoungDegree/
Instagram: youngdegree
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-vsSQCjZJHOHn98KEkGQPw
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/youngdegree

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