About I Follow the Leader LLC


I Follow the Leader LLC was founded in 2018.

Antoinetta enjoys speaking and writing about diversity, equity, and leadership to help organizations make their workplaces and board rooms more inclusive environments. Her graduate school paper, "Diversity in Nonprofit Leadership: Overcoming Barriers" won the best project paper award at WMU in 2016. The knowledge she gained from conducting research and interviewing CEO’s inspired her to be an action-oriented advocate for diversity and inclusion. Antoinetta now shares her research, insight, and solutions with professionals across the country.   


  The I Follow the Leader blog originated in 2016 from the desire to have a place to learn more about the characteristics and traits that make those among us leaders. I Follow the Leader seeks to provide leadership perspectives from a diverse array of people, a place where those of a different feather can flock together. Leaders will be showcased from a wide array of backgrounds across many sectors. 

     Current and future leaders will have the opportunity to peer inside the minds of successful leaders who have made an impact in their respective fields.

     "It is important to note that receiving advice from a wide array of voices is a novelty, even in 2019.  While taking a Master’s level Nonprofit Leadership class in spring 2016, my professor helped to reignite a spark in me centered around diversity and inclusion. It all started with an acknowledgment that the majority of the readings in the class (books and articles) were all written by the majority. This lead to a class discussion about what it feels like for those in the minority to continuously receive information from those that may be very different from them. This trend is not limited to academia; it’s a common theme from the selection of children’s books to the workplace.

     This discussion prompted me to conduct research on the subject, surely there were inclusive places to garner leadership perspectives. Sadly, there remains a gap in places to receive leadership advice from those that are not celebrities nor conventional leaders, even in an increasingly diversified World. My project paper topic Diversity in Nonprofit Leadership: Overcoming Barriers allowed me to interview CEO’s. I gained so much knowledge and advice from their experiences. I wanted to create a blog where future and current leaders can go to receive quality content and feel included." 

     This blog seeks to showcase people you may not expect to see side by side. However, a common thread is woven through each leader, every interview, and each piece of advice shared: leaders are formed based on others believing and the desire to make an impact. Whether it’s being given an opportunity by a boss, motivation from peers, encouragement from family members, insight from a mentor, or the push to acquire new skills from a professor, a leader is nothing alone. May this site nurture your growth, lead to new ideas, assist in cultivating your passions, widen your perspectives, and cause you to smile widely.

When given the opportunity, those of a different feather truly can flock together. 


Warm regards,

Antoinetta McKay, MPA