About Antoinetta McKay


Antoinetta McKay, MPA founded I Follow the Leader LLC- a place where those of a different feather can flock together. I Follow the Leader is a leadership consulting firm specializing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work.     

Antoinetta currently lives in Durham, NC. She will always consider herself a Georgia peach as she spent the majority of her life within a 25 mile radius of Atlanta, GA. Helping the community and the people she encounters with all aspects of their personal/professional growth makes her heart and soul happy. Antoinetta enjoys business and program development and she has worked with youth and adults in aspects such as food, housing, health\fitness, mental health, personal development, etc. 


  • Education: B.S in Business Management from Georgia Tech and an MPA in Nonprofit Management from Western Michigan University
  • Favorites: Apple pie, the words marvelous & darling, working out, motivating others, GPS, a good book, flowers, laughter, helping others, cooking
  • Bucket List: Publish a fictional novel, visit Italy, become fluent in Spanish…


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