I Follow the Leader LLC would love to help you with your DEI needs for your staff, leadership team, board, and other key stakeholders. 

Engagement opportunities are customized based on your company's objectives. All consulting services are developed based on current research and best practices in the field.

Please contact us to learn more and receive additional information including an Executive Press Kit, Pricing Sheet, and Relevant Statistics.

Engagement Opportunities


Strategic Consulting

  • Creating a 2 year DEI Action Plan 
  • Developing a DEI Statement
  • Facilitating Surveys/Focus Groups
  • Creating Goals & Objectives 
  • Designing a Measurement Plan
  • Pipeline & Recruitment Support


Training, Panels, Workshops:

Options: 45mins, 60mins, 90mins, 120mins

Common Topics: 

-Corporate/Foundation/Nonprofit Leadership: 

Creating a Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Culture

-Don't forget the I in Inclusion

-Creating a Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Board

-Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trends and Tools 


Lunch & Learns, Q&Antoinetta Answers Sessions, DEI Discussions

Options: 60mins, 90mins


"Antoinetta's presentation was part of a weekend itinerary, and unanimously hers was rated the highest and most valuable. She engaged the group in substantive discussion in a way that enabled all to participate without anyone feeling marginalized. She more than met our expectation of involving the participants in what turned out to be an enormously important part of their orientation weekend." 

"Antoinetta got us off to an amazing start and laid a really solid foundation in a short period of time.  The members of the group have appreciated her leadership and learned a ton in just a few months."

"It got to the heart of the matter with the group and included individual discussions on topics that we all need to learn. Some good practical suggestions that should be easy to implement."

"Interactivity, no judgment, engaging."

"Thoroughly enjoyed her dynamic attitude and energy. It was great."

Upcoming Events

How to Change Your DEI Culture in One Month


Join this Spark Talk at Upswell Chicago on 11/13 for tools and strategies to advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in your workplace in one week! While most organizations use the buzzwords “diversity equity and inclusion” as a value, many employees can’t articulate actions by their leadership around this pivotal issue. But you don’t have to be on the leadership team to ignite excitement and purpose around DEI! Find out how a temporary employee sparked immediate change in diversity, equity and inclusion in their workplace.

How to Form a Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

Join this Focus Group at Upswell Chicago on 11/14 to hear first-hand from someone who started a D&I working group at a nonprofit think tank in a university setting, and who was selected for the task largely because she spoke up and requested action in her workplace! Learn why support from leadership as diversity advocates is key. And get the scoop behind how the presenter formed her organization’s D&I group, as well as initiatives her group will tackle in their first year.

USTA Southern Annual Meeting 2020

Invitation only. 

Presentation to the second cohort of Tennis "2027" members in addition to board/staff members of USTA Southern on the topic of "Ace the Leadership Test". The presentation will focus on leadership principles and diversity, equity and inclusion on and off the court.  

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Event Highlights

Leadership Triangle, THRiVE Leadership Summit

On 5/15 in Durham NC presented on the topic, "Nonprofit Leadership: Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Culture". 

YNPN Triangle NC #NonprofitSTRONG Summit 2019

On 5/17 in Raleigh NC presented  on the topic, "Nonprofit Leadership: Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Culture".

USTA Georgia Community Development Workshops February, 2019

Conducted four workshops in Atlanta, GA on the topic of "Diversity in Nonprofit Leadership". 

USTA Southern Annual Meeting 2018

Presented to the Tennis "2027" members in addition to board/staff members of USTA Southern on the topic of Diversity in Nonprofit Leadership to assist with leadership and diversity training. 

YNPN Conference 2017 "Leading through Change"

Workshop session was live streamed and featured in the Virtual Conference. 

WMU Brown Bag Lunch 2016

Presented at Western Michigan University on the topic of  Diversity in Nonprofit Leadership: Overcoming Barriers, Qualitative Research from Current Nonprofit Leaders. Invited to present as a result of receiving  the Best Project Paper Award for PADM 6800. 

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