Donald "Donnie" Beamer Jr.

October 10, 2016

     “If you don’t hear no, then you’re not doing anything new, innovative or interesting. If you’re not failing, that means you’re not doing anything outside of your scope, your depth. You should always be pushing yourself to do things you haven’t, or you may not be comfortable with.” 

–Donnie Beamer


     Donald Beamer Jr., an approachable and innovative entrepreneur who desires to make an impact on the World, is the President at Monsieur in Atlanta, Ga. Donnie graduated with a BS in Economics from Georgia Tech and obtained his MBA from the Wharton School at UPENN.   Monsieur is a leader in the automated bartending arena. They, “[have] been featured in CNN, TechCrunch, and Business Insider. Monsieur has been deployed at over 20 locations including the Kentucky Derby, Regal Cinemas, and Marriott Hotels”. 

     If you think that owning your own business or receiving an advanced degree may be unattainable because you are a minority, look no further than Donnie. He thinks that it’s important for future leaders, especially his daughter Blake to know that anything she desires is attainable. Donnie feels that a person’s mindset and inability to think beyond what they know can create barriers. He encourages future generations to believe they deserve success and not minimize their accomplishments. 

     While Donnie had a Jerry Maguire “show me the money” moment when saying leaders should follow the money, the resounding theme throughout the interview was family. His primary motivator is to provide for his wife and daughter so they can have everything they desire. Watching videos of his daughter makes him smile throughout the day. Donnie admires Barak Obama and Martin Luther King Jr., however, listed his father first when asked about inspirational leaders. Donnie also recalls his first leadership experience as being an older brother and taking on the responsibilities being the oldest entails. 

     If you have the opportunity to work with Donnie, expect to be encouraged to strive for greatness. Donnie is passionate about his company and recommends everyone to bring passion to their job. He will encourage you to utilize your skills and work with your strengths so you can position yourself for success. As a leader Donnie has three A’s he lives by: accountability, approachability, and authenticity. These qualities translate to him following through, sharing in the outcome, and encouraging people to voice ideas and concerns. He will also embolden you to be your authentic self and have integrity. 

     Donnie enjoys sports and competed as a track and field athlete at Georgia Tech. Currently, he is working on his golf game, an essential skill for today’s businessman. At the beginning of every May expect Donnie to be celebrating his birthday by watching the latest Marvel movie. If you live in Atlanta, you may run into Donnie getting ice-cream with his family or playing Pokémon Go. He celebrates being a nerd and also loves light sabers and swords. He plans to buy his first sword when he crosses traveling to Japan off his bucket list. 

Donnie wishes schools taught personal finances so that people could learn about topics such as credit scores, credit cards, student loans, etc. One of Donnie’s first jobs was working at Blockbuster. For those of us old enough to remember, who imagined a day we wouldn’t go to a store to rent movies? Donnie expressed how this example represents the changing World, and the impact technology can have on what becomes routine. Monsieur is an example of innovation that provides a drink alternative, don’t be surprised when you increasingly see Monsieur beverage machines at venues and events. 

Donnie encourages future leaders to:

Always… look deeper and don’t take things at face value. Seek feedback and understanding because whether it’s a win or loss, there is something you should learn from the engagement or incident. Look back and see if what you did right is repeatable. It’s often because you sit down and reflect on failures, that the situation becomes beneficial. 

Never… think in absolutes. 

Follow… the money or where people are investing. 

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