Erin McClendis

December 12, 2017

  “A large portion of your success is your attitude.”


     Erin McClendis, owner of E. Vincent Floral Designs believes everyone should follow their own journey, and she has done just that. Erin is a self-taught floral designer who runs off practice, passion, and motivation. The name E. Vincent Floral Designs comes from Erin’s favorite magazine, Elle and her dad’s middle name, Vincent.

     Erin graduated with a B.S in Science, Technology, and Culture from Georgia Tech which she describes as the “make it happen major”. How do you develop a dream or hobby into a business? YouTube and Google were some of Erin’s first influences because of their accessibility. In true Georgia Tech fashion, she believes in the power of technology. Erin later went on to take classes which ranged from working in the garden with retirees in Georgia to going on a ritzy flower tour of New York’s premier floral design firms. She has since offered her own floral classes to help teach some of her friend’s tricks of the trade.

     Erin’s leadership training began at a young age which can largely be attributed to Girl Scouts. She was a girl scout from the age of six through high school. One of Erin’s first leadership influencers was a girl scout troop leader, an OBGYN doctor who managed her own practice. Now a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, Erin has also served as a troop leader.

     There have been a variety of women who have helped inspire Erin to be a leader and later an entrepreneur. Her mother has always encouraged her to pursue her creative ideas while consistently challenging her with the question, why not? After college, Erin’s peers and friends also morphed into leaders that help inspire her. She has a plethora of entrepreneur friends such as Candace Mitchell, Archel Bernard, and Fessie Epie who cheer each other on.

     Entrepreneurship, already a challenging venture, has often times proven even more difficult for Erin in recent years. She was diagnosed with a spinal condition called Chiari malformation. Erin doesn’t often share her condition with others, however, she offered sage advice on the subject of barriers and overcoming. Erin forewarned that the phrase is true and cliché simultaneously; “A large portion of your success is your attitude.” Erin ensures that she focuses on managing the pain on difficult or depressing days which often entails attending a yoga class or physical therapy. She recommends finding a dream that makes you push through every obstacle, for Erin that is floral design.

     If Erin could share wisdom with her younger self, she would recommend not being so hard on herself. She would also caution, “don’t underestimate the negative effects of procrastination.” Erin wishes that more business acumen was taught in school, especially a class centered on how to sell yourself. One of the reasons Erin markets herself and E. Vincent Floral Designs so well is because she had a job selling vacuums door to door. That role taught her the power of a powerful sales pitch and that “you never know what’s behind the next door”.

     Family, ensuring her clients are elated, and her reputation are some of the motivating factors in Erin’s life. When she is not creating beautiful floral designs, Erin enjoys traveling and cooking. She recently started a blog that will feature her three fiercest passions – flowers, food, and the pursuit of a beautiful life. Erin has a sense of wanderlust and recently crossed off two bucket list destinations, Monaco and Greece. She is looking forward to going to Morocco next year and also hopes to visit the tulip festival in Amsterdam for her birthday. Watching Netflix while drinking a Coke and eating popcorn is Erin’s idea of a relaxing night. All in all, she’s focused on living her best life.

Erin encourages future leaders to:

Always… listen to others and value your team.

Never… completely give up.

Follow… your own journey as well as your gut and intuition. No one call tell you how to be you, more than you.


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