Joseph Wilson

October 17, 2016


“Always have goals in place and do everything that is necessary to get directly to the goals you set.” -Joseph Wilson 


*2019 Update: When the blog was written, Joseph was a trial attorney at at Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC. In December 2017 Joseph  started his own firm, JL Wilson Trial Law.  Contact the Personal Injury Lawyers at JL Wilson Trial Law for professional service and advice on all types of Personal Injury matters.

     Joseph Wilson, a confident and driven trial attorney, works at Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a B.S in Accounting from Jacksonville State University and a Juris Doctorate from Washington University. 

     Sports have been an important part of Joseph’s life, and they helped develop him into the leader he is today. Joseph started playing baseball and basketball at a young age and remembers rallying his team at ten years old through a riveting speech. Yes, the speech worked and Joseph continued garnering leadership skills through sports, even at the collegiate level. His favorite object is still a basketball. 

     Joseph admires his dad’s quiet, yet effective leadership style and ability to provide an example for others. Joseph also admires Johnny Cochran for his involvement with police brutality cases. Malcolm X is another leader Joseph respects for his bravery and ability to speak eloquently, even under pressure. These three leaders have different job titles, yet have commonalities in their desire to help the community. If you talk to Joseph about a typical week in his life, you will find that he too strives to use his skills for the good of the community. 

     According to the American Bar Association, less than 5% of lawyers are African American. This statistic helps depict the barriers that some may face when seeking a career in law. Joseph recommends finding caring and trustworthy mentors who invest in your success. He is a mentor and helps many children through his involvement with the Emerging 100 of Atlanta. Joseph is the Parliamentarian for the organization. You may see him greeting students on their first day of school or participating on a panel to discuss police interaction and civil rights.

     As a leader, Joseph strives to instill confidence in others. He also believes in getting the job done. Joseph distinguishes himself from other lawyers in many ways. For example, he believes in injecting humor in the courtroom. Joseph has always loved to laugh and makes sure his environment is a positive one. He also enjoys giving legal tips via social media to assist people with legal problems they may encounter.


     If Joseph could alter the school curriculum, he would ensure that history classes taught the accurate history of the United States. He feels that it is incumbent and would remedy a lot of the issues we have in our society today. The desire for factual history aligns with his favorite word, knowledge. When Joseph gets the time to relax, he likes to lay down or sleep. Joseph’s bucket list is goal driven and highlighted by financial targets and verdicts.

Joseph encourages future leaders to:

Always… set goals and find the quickest or most linear path to the goal. 

Never… intentionally burn bridges. 

(However, Joseph feels that all failure facilitates learning.) 

Follow… your heart and your brain. Weighing decisions based on both is essential. 

Connect with Joseph: 

Instagram: josephwilsonesq 




Being a lawyer can be a tough job.