Marc Spiegel

November 7, 2016

“You have to be willing to take risks and accept the consequences. You should also treat every person from top to bottom in a way that would make your mother or grandmother happy.” 

     Marc Spiegel, a co-founder of Rubicon Global relishes in the success of others and does not fear taking chances. Marc was named as one of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 40 under 40 for 2016. This list honors the top business leaders in the Atlanta area who also demonstrate social responsibility. 

     The purpose of Rubicon Global, located in Atlanta GA is “to disrupt the waste and recycling industry and create less expensive, more sustainable solutions.” The interview took place at Rubicon’s offices in Buckhead which have a picturesque view of the city of Atlanta. Some may see the success of an entrepreneur or a business and be remised about the work that goes into the achievements. Starting a business as a young entrepreneur is no easy feat. Marc believes it requires finding people who not only believe in your concept but are willing to invest in the idea. 

     Marc received a BS in Sports Administration/Finance and an MPA, both from the University of Louisville. Yes, he is an avid Louisville fan. His daughter Ansley even decided to enter the World shortly after a big Louisville win. Marc will teach Ansley all about personal financial responsibilities. He wishes elementary schools taught personal finance so young people could begin learning important skills needed throughout life. 

     The fear of losing motivates Marc to put forth his best effort consistently. Marc has always been competitive which stemmed from his involvement in sports as a youth.  One of Marc’s favorite jobs was working for a AAA baseball team as un unpaid intern. Unsurprisingly, he was the only intern to move up the ranks and be promoted from throwing t-shirts to the press box. 

Watching various leaders throughout his life taught Marc lessons about the type of leader he did not want to be. In contrast, stories about his grandfather’s ability to relate to a variety of people taught Marc about admirable leadership qualities. As a leader, Marc strives to foster an environment that provides positive work-life balance. He also focuses on active listening and believes trust is an essential component to every relationship/ partnership. Marc continually measures himself against the leader he was ten years ago.

     Stress can be a problem for entrepreneurs, especially those at Marc’s level. Family and friends are at the center of Marc’s life. The first dollar the company made was his favorite object; it is now a wedding photo of him and his wife, Cote. Marc likes to relax with his wife and friends which typically involves watching sports or eating out. Marc also enjoys traveling and would love to spend two months in Australia. He could also envision himself living abroad for a few years. If you want to bring Marc a treat, he adores any chocolate ice cream. 

     Marc believes an effective leader in the entrepreneurial realm should be able to operate in the unknown. Marc truly loves being an innovator and has founded multiple companies. He believes having your own business is one of the best ways to control your destiny. Opportunity is Marc’s favorite word. He is grateful for every situation that has helped established him as the leader he is today, one recognized as a high achiever. 

Marc encourages future leaders to:

Always… outwork. You have to be able to look everybody in your organization in the eye and not ask them to work harder than you. 

Never… lose sight of where you come from or what you stand for. Never lose the desire to respect people inside and outside of your organization. 

Follow… your instincts and know that you may sometimes be wrong. 

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Marc in his element.