Sally Mundell

January 23, 2017

“We all need to be healed, and volunteering can be a healing process.”


     Sally Mundell, Founder/President at The Packaged Good in Dunwoody, Georgia believes in the power of gratitude. She graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics. Sally enjoys learning new things and her career path has reflected that desire. Some of her most recent roles have included consulting and Sr. Director, Direct to Consumer Marketing and CRM at Spanx. 

     The power of giving is undeniable. Sally started The Packaged Good in February 2016, three years after the death of her husband who had IPF. She shared that she and her husband had conversations about the meaning of life before his death which has profoundly impacted her life. He encouraged Sally to focus on joy, gratitude, and giving back to others. These ideals are reflected in Sally's life and The Packaged Good's mission. The mission of the organization is, "to empower kids of all ages to do good."

     The Packaged Good not only provides an opportunity to carry along her husband's memory for her two daughters; it also serves a need in the community. Sally said, "I saw people wanted to be more hands-on and get involved with their younger children. There are not a lot of outlets for that". The Packaged Good strives to reach volunteers in unique ways. They target the eight and under age range, communal giving, and social gatherings. In a given week the Packaged Good may host a child's birthday party, a corporate event, and a ladies night out. Sally hopes that the flexibility in volunteering at the Packaged Good will encourage volunteers to increase the amount they volunteer in the community annually. 

     Sally started playing basketball in the third grade and went on to play in college at Emory where she was a captain. Sports helped to shape her as a leader, and she likes to take a team- oriented approach in the workplace. Sally strives to surround herself with enriching people who can help her learn. Connecting with people and helping others motivates Sally. She also makes sure her decisions align with her values and the goals she would like to pursue. Sally's leadership style can be defined in one word, influencer. She works hard to meet her goals in life.

     Women who create positive platforms such as Sara Blakely and Sheryl Sandberg have inspired Sally. She counts herself lucky to have worked in environments that celebrate her being a woman and what she brings to the table. Sally's favorite word is inspiration, and she hopes her platform will inspire people to live a better life. She urges adults to prioritize giving and find a way to integrate it into their lifestyle. Sally is also working with schools to help teach children philanthropy. If she could give her younger self advice, she would say, "Be appreciative of mentorship and the people who help you. And it's ok to share what you're feeling." 

     As a single parent, Sally makes sure she checks in on her work/life balance. She also approaches parenting similar to a business by putting together a support team around her. Sally enjoys watching movies and snuggling with her girls. As a family, they would love to travel to Paris and Israel one day. Sally also enjoys walking, being outside in nature, taking a calming bath and reading articles. Sally is not afraid to open up about her life, and it makes her an extremely approachable leader. Expect to see a book by Sally on the bookshelves one day. 

Sally encourages future leaders to:

Always… be a good storyteller. Figure out what your story is and be willing to open up to others. 

Never… blame others. 

Follow… your network. Your network is an investment into your future. Also make sure to help others as much as you can. 

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